Our collection of sunglasses for adults and children consists of high fashion designs.

Our sunglasses are also sold based on the concept of full-service merchandising. The sunglasses come in a display that is on loan to you and during the season our merchandisers will supplement the display with new items.

We offer sunglasses in the following price range: €4.95/€6.95 and €8.95.

A markdown will be implemented in August; the sunglasses can be sold after count for €2.50 while you keep your margin.

In September or October the remaining sunglasses can be returned on the provision that you have signed up for next season and the credit amount will be deducted from the sunglasses you purchase the following season. This process gets repeated every year.

The display that is on loan to you may only be used for our sunglasses.


Your options:

You can choose from the following packages:


Package A

36 sunglasses € 4,95

72 sunglasses € 6,95

36 sunglasses € 8,95


Package B

18 children’s sunglasses € 4,95

36 sunglasses € 4,95

54 sunglasses € 6,95

36 sunglasses € 8,95


Package C

108 children’s sunglasses € 4,95