Welcome on the Trendy for fashion website
Welcome to the Trendy® for fashion website. Owned Van Saarloos Bijou BV, Trendy® for fashion has been a highly successful brand for 35 years. It stands for competitive pricing, fashion and quality. Van Saarloos Bijou BV is a Dutch-based wholesaler of fashion accessories. We have been setting trends in fashion jewellery for the young fashionable women. With more than 2100 sales points across Europe, we ship to outlets including fashion boutiques, drugstores, family parks and department stores.

On this website you will find information on the following topics.
  • Our service merchandise system for retailers.
  • Trendy® for fashion worldwide.
  • Sunglasses and Hello Kids.
  • The business behind Trendy® for fashion.
  • Van Saarloos Bijou in 60 seconds on our company film.
  • Our own Trendy® for fashion shops.